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Aquacera is a unique ceramic water filtering system designed to take water from questionable quality water sources and produce healthy, great tasting drinking water.
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AquaCera SS-4
Your Price: $235.00
AquaCera SS-4
The AquaCera SS is a gravity fed water filtration system that comes with 2 CeraGravPlus filters.
AquaCera CeraGravPlus 7 inch.
Your Price: $22.00
AquaCera CeraGravPlus 7 inch.
An Upgrade from the Doulton Supersterasyl, CeraGrav Plus Filters remove some additional Organics, Inorganics that Doulton filters do not remove. (See Detailed List in Descpr.)
AquaCera LP-5
Your Price: $159.00
AquaCera LP-5
The LP-5 is designed for applications where there is no reliable pressurized mains water supply. The LP-5 uses gravity to filter the water in the upper chamber through the CeraCarb filter candles into the lower chamber where the filtered water is collecte